Which is Best? Private vs. Group Piano Lessons for my kids

The answer is simple for most kids ages 4 to 7 years in age, well designed small group lessons are far more effective for most students this age. They attend school in classes with other kids, choir, theater, art, football, soccer, dance, karate - all learned in groups until basic skills are developed enough and they are mentally prepared for more rigorous 1 on 1 private lessons and tutoring. Music is no different! Learning, practicing, performing and challenging each other as a group in a positive atmosphere works. ​ "My child is introverted or shy" Yes, that is exactly why they need group interaction to learn the necessary social skills that will help them confidently succeed in public situations from school to work. ​ At Pandemonium Music Lessons Academy in Keller Texas, our group piano lessons classes were first designed by us 14 years ago and become a more powerful and effective teaching method every year.

Princess Piano lesson students will learn the following:

  • Proper piano technique

  • Learning the notes on the keyboard

  • Singing and playing piano

  • Too many fun Disney and princess songs

  • Rhythms

  • Basic ukulele

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