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Schedule Makeup Lessons and Discontinuing Classes

Makeup Lessons

We know most of our kiddos are enrolled in many activities and we love that they are keeping busy, however it is causing an enormous amount of last minute cancellations which are very costly and aren't giving us the opportunity to fill those spots with students who have makeup credits.  BUT, we don't want you to lose that hard earned musical progress so we have gotten creative and are now offering UNLIMITED makeup options even for last minute cancellations!!!





  • Our standard policy of 2 makeup lessons per student per semester with 24 hours notice still applies for private makeup lessons or small group lessons (and may not be with your original teacher as they keep their schedules booked up).  We pay our teachers very well per lesson spot and it is extremely costly to pay them for an open spot due to a last minute cancellation and then have them teach that same lesson yet another day as a makeup.  




  • If you can’t make it into the studio, text or call us at least an hour before lesson time and we will have your instructor Zoom your lesson to you.


  • Send a family member or yourself to fill the lesson spot and have some fun making music.


  • Access to a video lesson on core techniques, warmups, scales and songs from our instructors which will give your student a wealth of new musical concepts to work on.


  • Try one of our award winning group classes where you can use your musical skills in a group or band setting, or try a new instrument altogether! 

SUMMER OPTIONS:  In addition, during the summer you are also able to attend one of our award winning summer camp classes for makeups and missed classes or for extended absences due to travel, vacation, etc.  We have hosted these award winning camps for 20 years and are an amazing way to use your skills.

Substitute Teachers:  We know you love your teacher, so do we!  But they have limited times available and we cannot always accommodate having your teacher handle all of the makeup classes.  Don't worry, we hire the best teachers in Texas, and it is a great opportunity to learn something new from a new teacher, and one has the same teacher from pre-school to college and for good reason, each teacher has a unique skillset!



We are sad to see your student move on to new adventures - Please give our staff and teachers the courtesy of 30 days notice prior to stopping lessons per the lesson agreement signed at enrollment, this gives us time to fill our hard working teachers schedule with a new eager to learn student. 



You are welcome to book zoom lessons if you can't make your final months lessons in person or arrange for extended classes prior to leaving.

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