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Our Story at Pandemonium Music Academy

Transforming Lives Through Music: Pandemonium Music Academy, serving Keller, TX since 2004, offers a unique and impactful approach to music education. Our lessons aren't just about notes and rhythms; they're about building confidence, creativity, and a sense of achievement in every student.

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Explore Our Diverse Range of Music Lessons

From the rhythmic strumming of the guitar to the melodic keys of the piano, and the soulful depth of voice lessons, we offer a spectrum of opportunities.

Piano Lessons

These lessons focus on teaching proper piano technique, learning the notes on the keyboard, sight-reading music, singing while playing, classical and Hanon exercises for dexterity, songwriting on the piano, and playing familiar songs. The lessons are suitable for ages 5 and up, with options for free trial lessons

Voice Lessons

Voice students at the academy will learn proper breathing techniques, correct singing posture, head and chest voice control, sight singing, mouth and tongue placement, projecting and stage presence, and recital and audition preparation. These lessons are also available for ages 5 and up and offer a free trial​

guitar Lessons

Like the ukulele lessons, specific details about the guitar program were not provided in the accessed sources. However, the academy offers guitar lessons as part of its broad array of musical services, catering to different ages and skill levels​

Drum lessons

Drum students are taught proper playing technique and hand positions, rudiment and sticking exercises, sight reading, electronic and acoustic drum beats, basic to advanced drum fills, improvisation, performance and audition prep, and playing in a band. These lessons are suitable for ages 5 and up and include a free trial lesson​

Ukulele Lessons

The ukulele program covers basic chords, strumming patterns, and melody techniques. Aimed at all age groups, it includes playing popular songs and an introduction to music theory tailored for the ukulele.

Explore Our Diverse Range of Music Lessons

Whether you're a beginner or looking to refine your skills, we have the perfect lesson for you. Start your musical adventure today – dive into our courses and find your rhythm!


Discover the Pandemonium Advantage

Benefit from our Musical Ladder System that celebrates your progress, enjoy regular opportunities for performances to showcase your talent, and learn from some of the best music instructors in Texas.

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The Best Music Instructors in Texas!

Learn from top-notch instructors at Pandemonium Music Academy, each bringing unparalleled expertise and passion to every lesson, guiding students towards musical excellence.

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Unique Musical Ladder System

Our Musical Ladder System motivates and tracks progress, rewarding students with milestones, akin to a martial arts belt system, making learning both fun and rewarding.

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Award-Winning Music and Theater Programs

Participate in our celebrated programs, known for their exceptional quality in music and theater education, fostering creativity and talent in a vibrant learning environment.

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Regular Performance Opportunities

Embrace the stage with regular performances, enhancing confidence and stage presence, while celebrating progress and community within our academy.

Our team

Meet Our Team of Experts

Our team's passion for music and teaching creates an inspiring and nurturing environment for all students.


See What Our Happy Students and Parents Are Saying About Us!

These folks are awesome. Great environment, and people who are truly knowledgeable. Miranda & Tony know their stuff, and the music & dance lessons are well-priced for their high value. I can’t recommend them enough to anyone. I’ll definitely be recommending my friends and family to head their way ASAP.

Brantley Allen

Ryan is so great with my teen piano player! He understands his unique personality and works with him to accomplish goals. The owners are kind and always help us with re-scheduling lessons.

Kelley Campbell

My daughter loves it there! She started taking voice lessons with Ms Jordan this summer and has already noticed improvements in her singing.

Patricia Jackson

My daughter has been attending Pandemonium for nearly two years now. She loves it!  Mr. Tony is teaching her to play Ukulele and she has learned a lot! Miranda and Tony are exceptional, they keep it fun for the students. My daughter even has like a little pop group there with other girls in the class and some sing, some play and some do both! It is just so much fun to attend their performances. Thank you for all you do!

Adriana Cesta

Our son has been taking lessons with Tony since 2018 and even after we moved town, we make the effort to make it to Keller once a week, sometimes twice a week to continue fostering love for music and learning new skills! Love this place! Best music establishment for anyone who loves music!

Shelly Nicoletti

We LOVE this place!!!  Amazing teachers and the student concerts are a blast🤩😁

Grace Callaway

We have been doing Guitar lessons here for the last few months and my son loves it. Tony is an amazing instructor and can relate with every genre of music that my son likes and wishes to learn to play. Miranda in the office is great at working with our schedule and always has a sweet friendly smile for us. I highly recommend this establishment.

Desiree Scott

My kids started taking lessons at Pandemonium a few months ago but I can see how fast they are progressing.  They always know what they have to practice, and they enjoy the class.  The instructors are very knowledgable.

Leslie Family

Mr. Tony is a very good teacher for kids.  He knows how to work with them and encourages his students to strive for their best.

Rafia S. Rasu

Embrace the opportunity to grow, learn, and shine with Pandemonium Music Academy.

Since 2004, Pandemonium Music Academy has nurtured thousands of students,   earning recognition for exceptional music education
in Keller a

Have Questions? We've Got Answers!

Our FAQ section is designed to help you get a clearer picture of what to expect from your musical journey with us.

What age range do you cater to for music lessons?

At Pandemonium Music Academy, we offer music lessons for students aged 5 and upwards. Our curriculum is designed to cater to a wide age range, ensuring a comfortable and enriching learning experience for children, teenagers, and adults alike. We also offer Music Together classes, ideal for younger children and their parents to enjoy music and movement together.

Do I need to have my own instrument for lessons?

No, you don't need to own an instrument to start lessons with us. We have a variety of instruments available at our school for students to use during their lessons. This allows our students to explore different instruments and find their passion before making a commitment to purchasing their own.

Can I try a lesson before committing to a program?

Absolutely! We encourage new students to take advantage of our free trial lesson. This session gives you the opportunity to meet our instructors, experience our teaching style, and get a feel for our learning environment. We believe it's important for you to be comfortable and confident with your choice before you commit to our program.

How are student progress tracked?

We use the Musical Ladder System to track our students' practice and progress. This system is akin to martial arts' belt system, where each level represents a stage of growth in musical skills. Our teachers monitor students’ progress and this is communicated through an online portal, keeping parents informed and involved in their child’s musical journey.

What styles of music can I learn?

Our academy offers lessons in a wide range of musical styles. While we cover traditional genres like classical and jazz, we also embrace contemporary styles including pop, rock, and blues. Our goal is to cater to the diverse musical interests of our students and provide them with a comprehensive learning experience.

Are there opportunities for students to perform?

Yes, performance is a key part of our curriculum. We offer numerous opportunities for our students to showcase their skills. This includes recitals, concerts, and local community events. Performing is not only a great way for our students to gain confidence but also to experience the joy and excitement of sharing their music with an audience.


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