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Guitar String Changes Keller Tx

Our standard prices for installing a new set of guitar strings is as follows:

  • 6-String Guitar: $30 price includes standard strings - acoustic or electric

  • 6-String Guitar: $35 price includes nylon strings - nylon classical style

  • 6-String Guitar: $65 price includes standard strings - Floyd Rose or locking bridge

  • 4- String Bass: $40 price includes standard strings - electric bass guitar

  • 5-String Bass: $50 price includes standard strings - electric bass guitar

All guitar and bass guitar string replacement  include our 21 point inspection and tightening of hardware.

*price is for changing and replacing guitar strings to same size set as is currently on guitar, moving up to bigger or down to smaller strings can require a very costly guitar setup.  Standard strings are GHS, Ernie Ball, Fender, D'addario, Martin

String changes, restring and installation generally take 1 business day, we will give your guitar a quick polish as well, if your guitar needs a deep clean, do it prior to the string change or we can do it at $45 per hour.

Sorry, we don't replace single strings on any instrument.  String changes generally take 1 working day to complete.

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guitar string changes near me Keller Tx

Incorrectly installed strings do not stay in tune, play inconsistently and break easily.

acoustic electric guitar string changes

Strings should have a bright  appearance without signs of corrosion or wear

Standard stop tail bridge

Locking style tremelo


Standard tremelo style

Classical style guitar


Standard acoustic bridge


Standard Fender tremelo

How to change your guitar strings at home

If you want to go it on your own, Fender offers this easy guide to changing your own strings, just follow the easy steps

We provide guitar, bass guitar and ukulele string changes repair in Keller, Southlake, Ft. Worth, Watauga and these nearby Tx cities:

  • North Richland Hills

  • Haslet

  • Roanoke

  • Westlake

  • Saginaw

  • Colleyville

  • Hurst


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Keller Tx 76248

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