Voice Jam Singing Classes

Do they love to sing pop, rock, Disney or theater and musical songs??

This is the class for the singer or performer in the family, or maybe the one who needs a bit of a push to be more outgoing.

Why Voice Jam Class and not private singing lessons?

Very simple, young beginners ages 5-13 do better in a small group and stay in lessons far longer when they are in a setting they are familiar with. 


They attend school in classes with other kids, choir, theater, art, football, soccer, dance, karate - all learned in groups until basic skills are developed enough and they are mentally prepared for more rigorous 1 on 1 private lessons and tutoring.   Music is no different!  Learning, practicing, performing and challenging each other as a group in a positive atmosphere works.

"My child is introverted or shy"  Yes, that is exactly why they need group interaction to learn the necessary social skills that will help them confidently succeed in public situations from school to work.  

This group class was designed for kids who might want to take the stage in a school theater or musical performance or just rock it out at a live concert with some pop, rock, Disney or Broadway songs from Rent to Hamilton.

 $120 per month - 4 thirty minute lessons per month or $200 month - 8 thirty minute classes -  book required.  

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Free Voice - Singing Lesson For ages 5 and up.

No obligation, meet the teachers, take a tour, see if vocal lessons are a good fit for your student.


What will we learn?

Voice lesson students will learn the following:

  • Proper breathing techniques

  • Correct Posture

  • Head and Chest Voice

  • Sight singing

  • Mouth and tongue placement

  • Projecting and stage presence

  • Choir recital and audition prep, theater prep



Learning to perform songs, singing in the correct key for your voice, working out vocal harmonies as a group.  Play and perform at our concerts and recitals around town.



From entering the stage to the final bow, projecting your voice, not fidgeting or looking at our shoes, all the elements a performer needs.



Choir and Theater are very competitive even at an early age, learning to use our singing voice versus our stage voice, audition prep, everything they need to succeed.


Gymnastics and swimmers have meets, athletes have games and competitions, theater has the big show, singers need a way to exercise those hard earned skills.  Every student is invited to our recitals and concerts around town, from our students performing at Santa's Village at The Texas Motor Speedway Holiday Gift of Lights Festival on December 4th 2021 to our annual Black Tie Winter Recital at the Keller Roundhouse on December 12th 2021 to performing at the Northpark Ymca Boo Bash and a bunch of scheduled gigs in between, your student will get invited to perform solo or in a group.

See our students perform live at Santa's Village at The Texas Motor Speedway Holiday Gift of Lights Festival on December 4th 2021 to our annual Black Tie Recital at the Keller Roundhouse on December 12th, 2021 or at Elvis Presley's Graceland in Memphis Tx in April 2022