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Group Music Classes

Theater, Soccer, Choir, Gymnastics, Dance, Martial Arts - all group classes, why not music lessons?

Music is a lot more fun when it's learned, created and shared together, and it is the way kids learn from an early age, in groups.  We have perfected this and when kids are paired up with other young musicians about the same age, temperament and skill level, they shine!!!

Drum Jam - Guitar Ukulele Jam - Princess Piano - Voice Jam


Group Music Classes

Kids grouped by age and learn all of their basic skills to songs they know and love in a fun way they are familiar with from school to sports, arts to academics - in small groups, interacting socially, learning, challenging each other and most of all, growing a love for music and preparing for more rigorous private lessons.
$120 per month - four 30 minute lessons per month - lesson book required
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